What You Did Not Know About Kale

Starting in New York, kale conquered the United States  over the last 10 years. Not only it is  being used in smoothies, salads, but also in chips, chocolate and more. Recipes with kale are countless.

Many celebrities embraced kale, as US Weekly wrote. Some years ago several celebrities started endorsing Kale enthusiastically which, let to its doubled production..  Nowadays, even Walmart and McDonalds sell kale. However, Kale’s popularity is nothing new in Europe, especially in the Netherlands. Kale has been used in different Dutch dishes for centuries.

Kale is a superfood

Kale is known for being nutritious . It contains little calories, but is stuffed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. That is why it is considered as one of the most nutrient dense foods on earth.

Kale can help lower the risk of heart disease by decreasing your cholesterol. This vegetable also contains a lot of magnesium. Most people do not consume  enough magnesium, which is a pity because it helps to prevent diabetes type 2 and heart diseases. So, whether you love the taste of kale  or think it spoils your smoothie, it definitely is good for your health.

Kale with sausage is a traditional Dutch dish

In despite of its modern image, kale has been  used as an ingredient in different dishes for centuries.  Kale is the main ingredient of one of the traditional dishes of The Netherlands: boerenkool met worst (kale with smoked sausage). The Dutch have been eating/have been cooking kale for many years. Kale is very retro: it is a dish grandmothers prepare in autumn or winter.

Today, we know it is kale that has made the Dutch one of the tallest people on earth (1.85 meter on average). Do you need any more evidence that kale is a superfood?

It gets even better…the Dutch are known as being stingy! So, how on earth is it possible that those people made kale the ingredient of their national dish? Well, in The Netherlands people do not pay $ 15,- for a kale salad, because Kale  is pretty inexpensive over there!

The national dish of The Netherlands: kale with sausage

Boerenkool met worst is made of Kale with mashed potatoes, gravy, and a smoked sausage  and it  is mainly eaten in autumn and winter. Vegetables mixed with mashed potatoes “stamppot” in Dutch is anchored in Dutch cuisine and has a long history in The Netherlands. During the independence war (16th century) the city of Leiden was under a siege by the Spanish army. After it was liberated, freedom fighters cooked a dish of mashed parsnip and carrots for the starving population. Stamppot has remained popular over the centuries. It is nutritious and very useful for when people used to  live their lives as farmers.

Would you like to try the original Dutch Boerenkool met Worst? You can find a movie with instruction here

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