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This delicious, creamy asparagus sauce completes your plate with white gold and potatoes. And it’s done in a minute. 1. You only add water and a knob of butter and your sauce is ready. 2. Fast! A tasty sauce ready on the table within 5 minutes. 3. Suitable for 3-4 people. 4. Including preparation method for asparagus on the package
Allergy Alert: Contains: Celery, Contains: Eggs, Contains: Milk, May contain: Mustard, May contain: Gluten, May contain: Soy
Preparation method: For a complete meal: Serve with 250g asparagus, 50g ham, 1 egg and 200g potatoes per person 5 min 1) Put 200ml cold water in a pan 2) Add the contents of the bag. While stirring, bring to a boil with a whisk. 3) Remove the pan from the heat. Stir in a knob of butter (25 to 50 g) and your sauce is ready. No salt is required. Asparagus Preparation Method, Peel the asparagus and cut off the dry ends. Cook the asparagus (just) under water in a large saucepan with a pinch of salt for 10 to 15 minutes. Depending on the thickness of the asparagus Good to know, Adjust your portion, Adults 2 spoons of sauce (50ml), Children 1 spoon of sauce (25ml), good for 225ml of sauce.

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