Cinnamon Biscuit Portion Packs | Sultana | Pear Cinnamon 5 x 3 Pieces | Total Weight 7.69 ounce


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? The familiar snack, ? Source of fiber, ? Without artificial flavors, colors and flavors, ? Full of natural ingredients, The sweetness of this Fruit Biscuit comes from: 32% – Biscuit, 68% – Fruit filling & raisins
Use and safety: Recycling: Foil: Plastic – Usually recycled
Storage: Keep cool and dry.
Artificial additives: Without artificial colors, without artificial flavors, without artificial fragrances.
Allergy warning: May contain: Gluten Contains: cereal grains, May contain: Eggs, Contains: Lactose, Contains: Milk, May contain: Nuts, Contains: Wheat, Contains: Oats, May contain: Soy, Can the following: Sesame

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