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One of the exciting things about traveling is discovering how people live, what they laugh about and what they eat and drink. Food is one of the most important aspects of many cultures. During several journeys, we discovered and enjoyed lots of products and brands we didn´t know before and we wanted to continue enjoying them when we were back home. More than often it turned out that those favourite products were very hard to find, if at all.

Most of those products were only locally available. This brought us the idea of the World of Europe. If we like many products from different places of the world, there are probably many products as well that people from other parts of the world like.

During a holiday we made the plan to make authentic products available, from here, to the rest of the world.

The World of Europe was launched in 2014 to offer chocolates to other European countries. Soon demand for other products increased from everywhere. From Germany to Russia, from Saudi Arabia to Vanuatu, we professionalized distribution to make worldwide delivery possible, since then we have continued to grow rapidly.

Our values

Our company strongly believes in satisfying customers. We believe that that is very important to the existence of our company. And as important, we get energized by happy customers.

Quality is another important value.  Some of those brands are known worldwide, many are not. All our products meet the highest quality standards.

Our third value is that we are transparent and approachable. Our distribution centre is located here:

Europaallee 8 8265 VB Kampen

You can reach us by phone or e-mail

Email: info@worldofeurope.com 

Phone: +31 627625739

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