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Reclose the packaging with this, Basterd sugar is typically Dutch. It is obtained by adding a sugar syrup to fine granulated sugar. The fine granulated sugar for the White Basterd sugar comes from sugar beets grown on its own soil. The farmers are all certified and the cultivation of sugar beet takes place with care for the environment, the environment and the landscape. For more information about sugar, visit, Delicious with Van Gilse Witte Basterdsugiker, The combination of fine granulated sugar with sugar syrup makes Van Gilse Witte Basterdsugiker an ideal product for baking (apple) pie and fine cake. The fine grain dissolves easily and the syrup gives the cake a nicer brown color. Van Gilse White Basterd sugar also tastes great in yogurt, porridge and on rusks. Van Gilse White Basterd Sugar is delicious for pancakes, matzes, bread and French toast. With Van Gilse Witte Basterdsuiker you can make the simplest delicacies. For the best recipes and applications, visit
Storage: Basterd sugar is a natural product and is very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. It is best to store Basterd sugar in the original packaging, sealed with the sticker, and as an extra protection, put this packaging in a tight-fitting plastic canister. Van Gilse Witte Basterdsuiker has an unlimited shelf life.

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