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Energy for the whole morning, belVita breakfast ice creams are rich in slowly digestible starch which is slowly released after digestion. Consumption of products with a high content of slowly digestible starch causes blood glucose levels to rise less after meals than of products with a low content of slowly digestible starch 5 Whole grains, carefully baked At belVita we have a passion for breakfast biscuits. We work closely with our grain farmers, with whom we select 5 whole grains. During a controlled baking process, the specially selected and nutritious grains are shaped into tasty breakfast biscuits. They are the only breakfast biscuits that scientifically proven to release carbohydrates slowly for 4 hours as part of a balanced breakfast ? Rich in cereals, ? Source of fiber, ? Source of calcium, magnesium and iron, ? With whole grains, And this has been proven in several scientific studies with belVita breakfast biscuits, release of carbohydrates, belVita biscuits, eaten with breakfast, regularly release carbohydrates for 4 hours.
Storage: Keep dry and away from heat. Best before: see packaging.
Allergy warning: May contain: Eggs, Contains: Milk, May contain: Nuts, Contains: Rye, Contains: Wheat, Contains: Barley, Contains: Oats, Contains: Soy, May contain: Sesame

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