Coconut Cookies with Low Carbs | C?r?al | Without Sugar Biscuits Coconut 12 Pieces | Total Weight 4.66 ounce


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Reduced impact on blood sugar, Less saturated fats, No sugar, Source of fibers, compared to a standard cookie Enjoy your coconut cookie. C?r?al guarantees: The composition,, Without sugars,, Source of fiber, Without sugars, with taste! These C?r?al cookies without sugar, with the delicious taste of coconut, are a tasty and balanced snack. To get a nice sweet taste, maltitol is used. Handily packed to take with you. Extremely suitable for anyone who wants or needs to limit their sugar intake Tip: The consumption of foods that contain the maltitol sweetener instead of sugar leads to a lower blood glucose rise after consumption compared to sugary foods.
Storage: Best before: see packaging. Keep dry and well closed after opening.
Artificial additives: With sweetener.
Allergy Alert: May contain: Eggs, May contain: Lupine, May contain: Milk, May contain: Nuts, Contains: Wheat, May contain: Almonds, May contain: Hazelnuts, May contain Contains: Pecans, May contain: Walnuts, May contain: Soy

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