Dutch Spice Cake | Peijnenburg | Double Delicious Natural 5 x 49g | Total Weight 8.64 ounce


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Peijnenburg Double Delicious are 2 delicious slices of Peijnenburg gingerbread with a creamy layer in between. We have already applied the layer for you, so that easy! Peijnenburg Dubbel Lekker is packed with five pieces separately, so it is easy to take with you * Conveniently packed individually, so it is easy to give or take with you, * Tasty gingerbread with a delicious creamy layer in between, * Ideal for the car, train or office , * Rye is rich in magnesium and a source of vitamin B1, iron and zinc, * Low-fat and high-fiber, Peijnenburg Double Delicious, for every moment of the day!
Storage: Best before: see packaging.
Allergy warning: Contains: Milk, May contain: Nuts, Contains: Rye

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