Garlic Chicken and Herbs mix | Maggi | Tender and Spicy Garlic Fine Herbal Bag with 4 Sheets of Seasoned Baking Paper | Total Weight 0.84 ounce


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Storage: Keep dry and cool. Can be used for 14 days after opening. Not suitable for storage in the refrigerator.
Allergy Alert: May contain: Celery, May contain: Eggs, May contain: Fish, May contain: Milk, Contains: Wheat, May contain: Soy
Preparation method: Preparation method (1 chicken fillet per sheet) 18-20 minutes 1) Heat a large non-stick frying pan for 2 minutes without adding butter or oil. For this use low heat for a gas stove or the middle position when cooking on induction 2) Unfold the seasoned baking paper and place a whole chicken fillet on the seasoned side. Fold the other spiced side of the spiced baking paper over the chicken and press firmly 3) Lay the wrapped chicken fillets flat in the preheated pan. Bake the chicken fillet for approx. 9-10 minutes per side on low heat. Check whether the chicken fillets are fully cooked. With thicker pieces of chicken fillet, the preparation time may take longer. 4) Take the chicken fillets with the seasoned baking paper out of the pan, remove the seasoned baking paper and enjoy delicious seasoned tender chicken! Tip! If the spices on the spiced baking paper turn dark too quickly, simply reduce the heat and slightly extend the baking time until the chicken is fully cooked. For a delicious meal salad. Cut the seasoned chicken fillet into pieces and make a tasty Ceasar salad For a complete meal: Serve with 200g of vegetables and 200g of rice or potatoes per person Good to know Adjust your portion, Adult, Child 4-8 years about 2/3

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