Mushroom and leek Spice mix | Maggi | Dutch Pan Mushroom Sauce with Leek & Chicken Bag | Total Weight 1.41 ounce


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Maggi Hollands Pannetje Mushroom Sauce with Leek & Chicken is a simple chicken dish. A nice idea for dinner, for as easy as possible With the trusted quality and taste of Maggi You provide enough fresh vegetables, Maggi ensures the right taste Add only fresh mushrooms, leeks, cream and cubes of chicken fillet. Then let the golden brown fried chicken fillet simmer gently in the cooking cream. A chicken dish for the whole family to enjoy. Because everyone loves delicious creamy chicken with mushrooms.
Allergy warning: Contains: Celery, May contain: Eggs, Contains: Milk, May contain: Mustard, Contains: Wheat, May contain: Soy
Preparation method: Shopping list for 3-4 people, 300g chicken breast, 400g leek, 250g mushrooms, 100ml cream (light), 650g vegetables in total, Preparation 10 min Simmer 10 min Preparation method (3-4 people), 1) Cut the mushrooms in quarters. Cut the leek into rings, wash it and drain well. Cut the chicken fillet into cubes 2) Fry the chicken fillet with a tablespoon of oil in a frying pan or until it is golden brown. Then add the mushrooms and the leek and fry them a little. 3) Turn down the heat and add the sauce mix, 200 ml cold water and 100 ml cream. Bring to the boil, stirring occasionally. 4) Then let the dish rest on the pan for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, simmer gently on a low heat. For a complete meal: Serve with 200g of potatoes, pasta or rice per person Good to know, Adjust your portion, Child 4-8 years about 2/3.

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