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Is a delicious and crispy prawn cracker with a natural flavor, Conimex prawn cracker is delicious as a side dish with your Asian meal,, Made from wild-caught shrimp from the Java Sea, kneaded and baked,, Made according to an authentic Indonesian recipe,, Baked in 100% sunflower oil, Indonesia. All inspiration. Wonderful, as you see fishermen bringing the shrimp from the sea ashore. You can also taste that beautiful moment in Kerupuk. Or Kroepoek, as they say in the Netherlands. The fresh shrimp from the seas around Indonesia meet the best ingredients in the country, such as tapioca flour. Traditionally kneaded and baked, kroepoek is the crispy side dish. You come across it everywhere. And now often as a snack. Krak. Bite. Lekker Kroepoek, or kerupuk, is a collective name for all sorts of tasty crunchy snacks. Similarly this Naturel kroepoek, an airy kroepoek based on plant-based ingredients such as cassava, tapioca and a delicious mix of vegetables and herbs. has become a well-known brand with an inspiring assortment consisting of more than 150 products. Many of the raw materials are imported directly from countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, China and Thailand. In the 1940s, Conimex brought the rice table to the Netherlands. With Conimex products you can prepare an excellent nasi or noodle dish with delicious Asian flavors at home in a few steps.
Allergy warning: Contains: Shellfish, May contain: Eggs, Fish, Milk, Gluten, Soy

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