van gilse poeder suiker (powder sugar in shaker) – 8.82oz


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Delicious with Van Gilse Powdered Sugar, The tastiest poffertjes, pancakes, apple fritters, oliebollen, turban and apple pie are decorated with Van Gilse Powdered Sugar. With Van Gilse Powdered Sugar you can easily make icing for muffins and cupcakes. Strawberries taste even better with a little Van Gil powdered sugar. Sustainable beet cultivation, powdered sugar is finely ground granulated sugar. The granulated sugar comes from sugar beets that are grown on their own soil. The farmers are all certified and the cultivation of sugar beet takes place with care for the environment, the environment and the landscape. After the harvest, the granulated sugar is extracted from the sugar beet in a careful and natural way in the sugar factory. For more information about sugar, visit
Storage: Keep dry. Powdered sugar is a natural product and is very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. Close the bus properly. Van Gilse Powdered Sugar has an unlimited shelf life.

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