Haribo Trekdrop/Pulling Licorice | Stretchy Licorice | Bag of 6.17oz/175gr

Haribo Trekdrop/Pulling Licorice | Sweet Gummy Licorice Candies | Bag of 6.17oz/175gr

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Haribo Trekdrop/Pulling Licorice comes in a pack of 6.17oz/175gr. Discover the World of Europe!

Haribo was founded by Hans Riegel in Bonn, Germany, in 1921. The name Haribo is was derived from HAns RIegel BOnn. The company’s first product was the gummy bear. The company grew rapidly and extended its assortiment during the years. In 1930 Haribo already employed 160 people. At the beginning of the Second World War Haribo had about 400 emloyees. Riegel’s son took over the company after the war. Since then, Haribo opened factories all over Europe, and Haribo candies became very popular all over the world. Nowadays, many Haribo candies are famous: who has never heard about Gold Bears, Happy Cola, cherries, bananas. Did you know that Haribo also produces specific variations for specific countries? Have you heard about Black Bananas for example?

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