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“Stimorol is a Danish brand specialized in chewingum’s production. It was founded in 1915 by Holger Sørensen.

The famous “Stimorol gum Original” first appeared on Danish market in 1956. Firstly sold in Scandinavia, it has later appeared in different nations all through Europe, starting with the Netherlands in 1959.

In 1978, the organization presented a sugar-free gum, and by the 1990s it has got different minty flavors.

Nowadays, Stimorol is one of the world’s biggest brands of sugarless chewingum.

Stimorol sells delicious chewing gum packs that will refresh you from tongue to toe! Set your taste buds a tingling with the invigorating sensation of Stimorol gum. Order this sugarless chewingum today!

If you like Stimorol Chewing Gum, don’t miss the peppermint version! This product is perfect for those people who love ice-cold taste sensation. You’ll be surprised to know that this Stimorol gum, thanks to its mpeppermint flavour is also a bit spicy. Stimorol Peppermint easily fits in your pocket, bring a packet with you!”

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