Baci Chocolate | Baci Perugina | Perugina, Baci 200 G | Italian Chocolate | 7.05 Ounce Total Weight


“Perugina is an Italian brand, specialized in chocolate production.
Everything starts in 1907 in Perugia, when a confectionery workshop destined to become one of the biggest food industries was created: La Società Perugina.
Perugina chocolate, a product of excellence, is born from the union of tradition and creativity. Since 1907 Perugina has been encapsulating all its passion in unique and authentic-taste chocolate, with the same care as always.
Perugina chocolate is produced from the recipe of Luisa Spagnoli, a founder of Perugina and creator of a unique chocolate and brand heritage.
Today, Perugia produces chocolates, chocolate bars, ice cream, mini snacks, and other ingredients for bakery products.
Perugina is also active in the field of sustainability, from food to social and economic sustainability.
The story behind this small chocolate starts in 1922, when Luisa Spagnoli wanted to create a chocolate from processing waste. This Baci chocolate with gianduia chocolate, hazelnut crumbs and a whole hazelnut, all covered in dark chocolate is now on of the most iconic Italian chocolate.
Initially the Baci Perugina chocolate was supposed to be in the shape of a fist, but it was later changed to the shape of two lovers kissing, inspired by Hayez’s famous kiss, indeed “”bacio”” means “”kiss””.
This Baci Perugina Pack is perfect as an informal gift or to share with your friends as well! You will also find a love aphorism inside each chocolate.
Give one to someone you love!

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