Chocolate Covered Cherries With Alcohol | Chocolate Covered Cherries | Zaini Boero Chocolate Covered Cherries | Liqour Chocolate | 7.4 Ounce Total Weight


Zaini is a medium-sized Italian confectionery company with its head office in Milan. It manufactures and markets cocoa and sugar-based products.It has 180 employees and 2 production facilities, the original and head office in Via Imbonati in Milan and the more recent in Senago, in Milan Province, as well as a logistics platform in Pavia. ZAINI is the chocolate and candy factory PRODUCTS AND DISTRIBUTION. The company offers a particularly diverse range of products, exactly as its founder expressed in his mission statement when starting out. The products are distributed both through retailers and the shopping channe Ho.Re.Ca.Zaini products have a distribution network which covers the entire country and are exported to over 50 countries worldwide. Zaini Boero Ciliegia Kirsch is dark chocolate praline with chocolate covered cherries with alcohol. These chocolate covered cherries are made by the perfect combination of chocolate, cherry and liqour. This liqour chocolate is unique in quality, goodness and tradition. Order the chocolate covered cherries with alcohol to enjoy at your place!

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