Johnny Doodle Chocolate | Dutch Chocolate | Johnny Doodle Chocolate Fudge | Dutch Candy | 5.29 Ounce Total Weight


“The story behind this brand is very recent. It starts in 2015 when Johnny Doodle, the self-made man who gave the name to the brand, decided to buy a chocolate factory in Rotterdam.
His passion for food and his determination to achieve his goal led him to success.
That’s the perfect recipe to make delicious chocolate bars, and Johnny’s chocolate bars are irresistible! Johnny Doodle chocolate is milk chocolate sprinkled with fudge and brownie. Johnny doodle milk fudge and brownie is a premium Dutch chocolate sprinkled with brownie chunks and Johnny’s own vanilla fudge cubes. Each bar of Dutch candy is visibly sprinkled with only the very best ingredients. Order the premium quality Dutch chocolate now!”

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