Dutch Spice Cake with Caramel | Peijnenburg | Gingerbread Honey Caramel Uncut | Total Weight 16.4 ounce


Our Peijnenburg gingerbread Honey Caramel uncut is delicious all day long, for breakfast, lunch or in between. This artisanal cake is generously sprinkled with honey and caramel, Surprisingly tasty and tender gingerbread, called gingerbread in the South, Unique Peijnenburg gingerbread spice mix, Prepared with specially selected and nutritious rye, Traditional cake with honey and caramel
Use and safety: Recycling: Wrap: Paper – Typically recycled | Foil: Plastic – Typically recycled
Storage: Best before: see packaging.
Allergy Alert: May contain: Nuts, Contains: Rye, Contains: Gluten

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