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Located in Zaandam, the famous food industry Verkade manufactured scrumptious cakes, rusks, and chocolate. The factory is famous as a pioneer in developing the food industry in the area of Zaan and is traditionally located there. It also made some tealights.

In 1990, this Dutch company known as Koninklijke Verkade NV became a subsidiary of United biscuits; which is a British group food. Later on, in 2014, it was acquired by giant Yildiz Holding; a chain of Turkish food and belongs to Pladis since 2016.

The old part of Verkade complex was divested and vacant for a long duration, and after that, it was converted into a center consisting of catering establishments and shops. In 2006, the Jumbo games factory located its headquarter in that building.

For those who want to look at the history of Verkade; Zaans Museum has created a Verkade pavilion in March 2009.

These Dutch cookies are lightweight, and they bring the two opposite tastes together. With the perfect ratios of salt and sugar, these Dutch biscuits enhance the flavor of caramel for everybody to cherish. Order these Verkade cookies today!

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