Maoam Bloxx | Maoam Sweets | 8 Pieces of Unique Maoam Bloxx Flavors | Maoam Candy | 7.76 Ounce Total Weight


The story of Maoam starts at the beginning of the 20th century when Edmund Münster took over the Düsseldorf liquorice plant and took matters in his own hands. Until 1930, the liquorice based products were part of the plan for the company, but it faced technical difficulties. In the same year, Münster got a license for the production of fruity and chewy called which he named Maoam.

Currently, Maoam is manufactured under the trademark of HARIBO – a big player confectionary maker in Europe. Maoam usually comes in five pieces of same or different flavors sorted and packed together. Their products are made from chewy candy without gum, made from sugar, syrup and other ingredients.

Maoam gained traction after its slogan, “What do you want?” became a sensation in Europe and all over the world. Order these tasty treats today and fill your days with joy.

This pack of Maoam Bloxx eight different flavors of Maoam sweets is one that everyone can cherish. You will find strawberry, lemon, orange, and cola flavor, to name a few. Order your Maoam candy today and love every flavor on the go.

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