Golia | Italian Candy | Golia, Herbs Drops Alpine gluten-free hard candies without sugar 49 g | Golia Candy | 1.72 Ounce Total Weight


There’s no candy that can satisfy everybody! Regardless of a child or an adult, tasty sweet treats are a top pick! Discussing confections, there’s an enchanted thing in minuscule Italian confections – possibly the explanation is the genuine fixings, or the deep rooted making measure, the surface, flavor, or whatever included! Italian Golia hard candy confections are sold widely all through the local areas and abroad for their mouth-watering flavors and assortment these conventional joys feel divine and can without much of a stretch cheer you up on an exhausting day. The beneficial thing is, you can purchase Italian confections online as a few stores presently offer these treats in packs. Try the unique and inimitable taste of Golia, the Golia candy that gives you a pleasant sensation of fresh breath. Funny, nice and delicately balmy Goliath italian candy with Special format is a hard herbs candy that are so small & so unique. Medicinal herbs, Sugar free, Herbal candies from nature, Herbal candies, beneficial and balsamic for the throat.

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