Ajam Paniki Indonesian Herb Paste | Conimex | Boemboes Ajam Paniki | Total Weight 3.35 ounce


Use and safety: Recycling: Wrap: Paper – Usually recycled
Storage: After opening, keep in the fridge for 3 days.
Allergy warning: Contains: Shellfish, Contains: Wheat, Contains: Soy
Preparation method: Add yourself: 350 g chicken fillet, 300 g rice, Conimex wok oil, Preparation method: 1. Cook the rice according to the preparation method on the package. Cut the chicken fillet into cubes 2. Heat 2 tbsp wok oil in a wok or frying pan and cook the chicken fillet until tender 4. Add the bumbu and 200 ml of water. Bring it to the boil while stirring. 5. Simmer for 5-15 minutes over medium heat until the sauce has the desired thickness. 6. Serve with the rice. Delicious with: Boemboe Sajoer Beans.

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