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“It was 1932 when an ordinary Salesman Herman Lay opened a snack food operation in Nashville Tennessee. Later on Lays became a famous brand of potato chip varieties as well as the name of the company. PepsiCo has owned Lays through Frito-Lay in 1965. Lays is the primary brand of PepsiCo with a very diverse range of flavors.

After an amazing boost in sales of $ 127 million in 1961, Lays introduced its best-known slogan “Betcha can’t east just one”. Sales of the chips became international and increased manifold when the company took assistance from the celebrities through endorsements.

Lays has a worldwide market. A new formulation of chip was introduced in 1991 that was crispier and remained fresh for a longer time. Shortly thereafter, the company introduced the Wavy Lays. In the 2000’s the company introduced a variety of additional flavor variations to compete with Pringles. By 2012, Frito-Lays products controlled 59% of the United States savory snack-food market. Lays Paprika is a potato chip packed in protected atmosphere and enriched with Paprika flavor. Lays Paprika Chips are unique in their flavor and essence. They are free from any type of artificial colors or preservatives. The paprika flavor is so tasty that it does not need any flavor enhancers. Cherish your snack munching by ordering Paprika Chips !”

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