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The company was founded by Matilde Vicenzi in 1905 in a little town in the province of Verona and this is still the current headquarter and main plant of the company. It was born as a small bread, pastry and food shop, until the purchase of the first automated line in 1968. In the begin it was a very simple “familiar” company. Angelo, assisted by his three young children (Beppina, Giuseppe, Mario) gives new impulses to the artisan side of the production with Mario for the sale and delivery while Giuseppe takes care of the production. In 1970 the company, until then called Matilde Vicenzi & Sons, became Vicenzi Biscotti S.p.A. and begins the process of industrialization and expansion of the offer in the industrial pastry market, moving the headquarters to a factory in San Giovanni Lupatoto, specializing in amaretto and subsequently introducing Vicenzovo to create the Savoyard. In 1975, following a trip to Japan, Giuseppe bought a machine suitable for the production of Italian pasta. Millefoglie was born. Matilde Vicenczi Fruttizie are “fruit delights” Italian cookies with 100% wholemeal flour and prepared with 100% Italian eggs from free-range farms. Berries, with their unmistakable aromatic sweetness, combine with the unique flavor of goji berries, a fruit that is grown in the Northern East and in the Himalayan valleys. These Italian snacks from Italy are a good source of Fiber that are naturally lactose-free & Palm oil free.

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