Scotti Risotto | Riso Scotti Si Con Riso Lactose-Free Creamy Spread With Rice, Hazelnuts & Cocoa | Riso Scotti | Scotti Risotto Rice | 14,1 Ounce Total


Well known for its scotti risotto , over the course of 150-plus years of history, Riso Scotti has grown from a simple rice mill to a leading pillar of the Italian food industry and innovation. riso scotti has become today the world’s ambassador of Italian risotto. From the selection of the partnered farmers to the final product, Scotti maintains quality controls in every step of the production process to guarantee tasty and excellent rice. If you want to make an excellent risotto and surprise everyone chooses Italian quality, and choose scotti risotto rice! Order Riso Scotti Si con Riso Lactose-Free Creamy Spread with Rice, Hazelnuts & Cocoa now!

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