Mentos Mini 4 PACK | 4×17 Mentos Mini Packs | Mentos Mix of Orange, Lemon, Apple and Strawbery Mentos Candy | Mentos Mixed Fruit | 26.3 Ounce Total


Mentos Candy was born in 1932. The Van Melle brothers traveled to Poland because of rumors about a soft fruit caramel. In the 1950s Mentos started exporting to Germany, France, Belgium and other European countries. Enjoy Mentos Mixed fruit with Mentos Mini Fruit Rolls. Mentos Mini, maxi Mentos Fruit. Where a small candy can be big. A color festival of tasty Mentos. The bag contains 17 rollsof different Mentos candy: Mentos Orange, Mentos lemon, Mentos strawberry and Mentos apple.

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