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“Rummo is a manufacturer of durum wheat semolina pasta. The company was founded in 1846 in Benevento when the founder Antonio Rummo built the first mill for grinding wheat. From that moment, the company is still a family business: Rummo’s heritage is passed down from generation to generation after generation.
High quality, research, and attention to detail are a constant in Rummo pasta production, which boasts numerous shapes and different products from classic pasta to wholemeal, gluten-free, and legume pasta.
Rummo Spaghetti is the biggest of the entire range of Italian spaghettis. It is the most reminiscent of homemade spaghetti and is extremely versatile, but particularly well-suited to hearty game-based recipes, or sauces featuring fish, scampi or lobster. Spaghetti Grossi is famous for their tenacity and the roughness with which they capture every seasoning, are ideal with more important sauces with a strong taste, such as meat or shellfish ragout. Order the excellent shaped thick spaghetti now!”

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