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Knoppers is a highly revered wafer sandwich producing company that started as early as 1983. With its manufacturing site based in Storck, Germany, Knoppers steadily expanded its borders to other European countries. In due time, Knoppers candy bar was widely cherished in Vietnam, Russia, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The Knoppers chocolate bars are filled with nougat and milk crème that come together to give you a flavor burst to remember! Knoppers launched in the Netherlands in 1997 and soon rose to fame thanks to its amazingly flavored milk-hazelnut waffle.

What makes Knoppers chocolate famous is its traditional 5 layered wafer. Each layer presents its unique taste and makes for an experience to be cherished! Put everything to a pause for a quick break with crispy Knoppers wafers and continue your day in good spirits. Order now to have a flavor burst!

The Knoppers milk hazelnut wafer takes you on a ride to a fun cream-filled adventure. This whole wheat baked wafer combines milk with a soft textured hazelnut cream that is refined using roasted hazelnuts. The 5X milk wafer is equally loved by the old and the young! Order today for a balanced daily snack.

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