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With Maggi Ham-Cheese sauce you give your dish that extra flavorful flavor. An enrichment of many own dishes, which everyone enjoys at the table! 1. Tasty with vegetables, but also meat and pasta dishes. 2. Fast! Just add water and you’re done. 3. A tasty sauce ready on the table within 5 minutes. 4. Also delicious with vegetables or pasta.
Allergy warning: May contain: Celery, May contain: Eggs, Contains: Milk, May contain: Mustard, Contains: Gluten, May contain: Soy
Preparation method: For a pasta carbonara add some fried bacon to the sauce and serve with pasta for 5 minutes 1) Put 250ml cold water in a pan 2) Add the contents of the bag. Bring this to the boil while stirring with a whisk. You don’t need to add salt. For a complete meal: Serve with 200g of vegetables, 100g of meat and 200g of potatoes or pasta per person Good for 250 ml of sauce Good to know, Adjust your portion, Adults 2 scoops of sauce (50ml), Children 1 scoop of sauce (25ml)

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