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“Royal Koopmans is a family-owned company. The company started as a one-man business in the mid-19th century and has developed into a thriving business with more than 125 employees.
Their products are ground from the best grains, grown on carefully selected fields and consist of the most beautiful blends.
Royal Koopmans’ philosophy consists in 3 simple aspects: Innovation, craftsmanship and natural products.
They use the latest consumer insights and technology to develop new sustainable food solutions based on grain, which make them a cutting-edge enterprise in food production. They are also known for their Gingerbread Cake Mix.
With this koopmans gingerbread mix you can make creamy cake with a delcious spicy taste of cinnamon, star, anise and cloves. With 75 g of butter, 3 eggs and 100 ml water in ginger bread cake mix, you can bake a 25 slice of creamy cake. Add flavours of your own choice. Order now the gingerbread mixes to give yourself a spice treat.!”

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