Belgium Chocolate | Cote Dor Chocolate | Côte d’Or Pralines Mignonnette Dark Chocolate | Cote Dor Chocolate Dark | 8.46 Ounce Total Weight


Côte d’Or is a maker of Belgium chocolate, possessed by kraft. Côte d’Or was established in 1870 by Charles Neuhaus in Schaerbeek, Belgium, a chocolate producer who utilized the name Côte d’Or (French for Gold Coast. Alluding to the old name of contemporary Ghana, the wellspring of huge numbers of the cacao beans utilized in chocolate producing. The intensity and authenticity of real Côte d’Or chocolate dark concentrated in a small tablet, to share with friends and family or with a cup of coffee. This whole package gives the intense pleasure of Cote d’Or chocolate. It contains 54 % cocoa. It is a rich and intense experience that you can continue to enjoy. Cote d’Or helps to improve the living conditions and farming techniques of cocoa farmers. Order this delicious Cote Dor chocolate dark now!

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