Chocolate Maltesers | Maltesers Small Bags | Pack of 25 small bags | Maltesers Bar | Malteasers Candy | 32 Oz | 925 Gr


There’s a favorite flavor for everyone in the Chocolate Maltesers Pack- and the portable box gives you the freedom to snack when and where you want. Make snack time for fun with the classic crunch of Maltesers Candy, flavored from edge to edge in three mouthwatering flavors. Maltesers Candy are honeycombed malt biscuit balls, covered in milk chocolate and absolutely addictive. Truth be told, more than 70 years after their creation, they are one of the UK’s best five chocolate brands. There’s bounty to partake in this liberally measured pocket. Maltesers bar comprise of a spheroid malted milk Center encompassed by milk chocolate. Chocolate Maltesers are sold in a variety of packaging which makes them look attractive and brings the appetite to have a crunch. Try out this Chocolate Maltesers now! Mars Maltesers are light and airy treats that are perfect for chocolate lovers who like to indulge themselves without taking on too many calories. Choclate maltesers consist of milk chocolate with a crispy and airy filling. There are 24 pieces in a box. Grab a box for the office, pack a packet for school, bring them in the car on road trips, or share a stack with friends. However you eat them, you’ll love the fun shape and delicious taste. Buy maltesers Candy now! Original Maltesers chocolate balls. Order this multipack now!

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