Cote D’Or Chocolate | Cote D’Or Milk Chocolate with Praline | Pack of 15 | Cote D’Or Praline | Belgian Praline | 105 Oz | 3000 Gr


Cote d’Or chocolate is made since 1883 in Belgium. The famous Belgian chocolate manufacturer uses 100% sustainable cocoa beans, that protects farmers and environment. This Cote d’Or praline with milk chocolate bar is made of delicious Belgian milk chocolate with Belgian praline filling. Cote d’Or Chocolate Milk has a very distinctive flavor because of the amount of cocoa and cocoa butter that is used to make this delicious chocolate. A mix of authentic Belgian delicacies that is a great gift for everyone, including yourself. Try this Belgian Cote d’Or praline Milk bar and you will get addicted. Buy now! Typical for this assortment is the contrast between the filling and intensity of Côte d’Or Milk chocolate. Order this Belgian milk chocolate bar now!

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