Glico | Poki Stick | Lu, Mikado dark chocolate 75 g | Chocolate Sticks | 2,64 Ounce Total Weight


Lefèvre Utile, better known worldwide by the initials LU, is a maker brand of French rolls, significant of the city of Nantes. The brand is presently important for US candy parlor organization Mondelēz International since 2012, in the wake of parting of its past proprietor Kraft Foods, which procured it as a component of its securing from Groupe Danone in 2007. The Petit-Beurre biscuillt remains the lead item close by the Boudoir, Champagne, Petit four, Prince (FR), Pim’s, Paille d’Or, and so on Mikado dark chocolate sticks are delicious, small snacks with tender dark chocolate pieces and a layer of milk chocolates on the bottom. These Glico poki sticks are crunchy biscuit with dark chocolate layer. These dark chocolate sticks are best to treat your loved ones. Order now!

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