Italian Hazelnut Chocolate | Chocolate Hazelnut | Novi, White Chocolate with Hazelnut 130 g | Italian Chocolate | 4.58 Ounce Total Weight


The Novi chocolate Group was established in 1982 on the activity of the Genoese business visionary Flavio Repetto, who at first gatherings together three recorded brands of the Italian north-west dynamic in the ice cream parlor industry: Elah (established in Genoa in 1909 by Francesco Ferdinando Moliè); Dufour (established in Genoa in 1926 by the homonymous family); Novi (established in Novi Ligure in 1903). The firm Novi takes its name from the place of birth of the company: Novi Ligure, a beautiful little town in Piemonte. Novi, Bianco, the great Italian Hazelnut Chocolate, with the pure cocoa selected at the origin, roasted in its own factory and expertly blended, & With the proteins of 1 glass of milk and ensures its absolute uniqueness. From the best raw materials, carefully selected at the origin and combined in perfect balance, the Novi White Chocolate Hazelnut is born. Delicate and rich in milk, it is both food and a pleasant delicacy. Novi the great Italian chocolate!

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