Milka Dark Chocolate | Caramel Sea Salt | Milka Darkmilk Chocolate Bar Caramel Sea Salt | Milka Bar | 2.82 Ounce Total Weight


Milka is a chocolate brand of the Mondelēz International organization . In 1901, the chocolatier Philippe Suchard in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) dispatched the principal milk chocolate under this name. The name “Milka” is a mix of the words Milch and Kakao (the German expressions for milk and cocoa, the primary elements of milk chocolate). Milka chocolate is today delivered in areas, for example, Lörrach , Bludenz , Strasbourg , Bratislava and Jankowice ( Poznań ). In Herentals are Leo made with chocolate-covered wafers. Milka Happy cow is the delicious, delicately melting chocolate treat made of 100% Alpine milk and the classic for all chocolate lovers. Smooth and creamy, this delicious classic is for the chocolate purists. These special chocolate candy bars make a great gift for the chocolate lover in your life. Each Milka bar is individually wrapped to lock in freshness and delicious taste. Order this bar of Milka dark chocolate with caramel sea salt now!

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