Oro Saiwa Biscuits | Oro Saiwa Whole Grain Cereal Bars With Dark Chocolate & Hazelnuts | Oro Saiwa Cookies | Oro Saiwa Biscotti | 5,6 Ounce Total


For everyone, goodness has a different meaning, Oro Saiwa encompasses them all. This story began in 1900 in the historic pastry shop in via Galata in Genoa, where Pietro Marchese amazed his customers by preparing the wafers, discovered during his travels abroad. The oro saiwa biscuits shop began to enjoy more and more success, so much so that it became one of the first Italian industrial productions of bakery products, capable of winning over illustrious admirers such as Gabriele D’annunzio who also took part in some advertising spots! All oro saiwa cookies goes through 100 meters of oven to achieve perfect cooking and is packaged while still hot to preserve its unmistakable aroma, the same since 1956. Chocolate, jam or honey? On its own or as a base for tasty recipes? oro saiwa biscottiis such a versatile cookie that it goes with anything you want! Order Oro Saiwa Whole grain cereal bars with dark chocolate & hazelnuts now!

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