Tony’S Chocolonely | Tony’S Chocolonely Bar with Dutch Text | Pack of 15 | Tonys Chocolate | Tony Chocolonely | 95 Oz | 2700 Gr


Tony’s Chocolonely is a Dutch company that was founded to make the chocolate industry 100% slave free. Nowadays Tony Chocolonely has sold several tens of thousands of chocolate bars. But don’t be afraid that the sustainable mission compromises the flavor: Tonys Chocolonely chocolate bars are delicious and available in innovative flavor combinations. This Tony Chocolonely chocolate bar is made with delicious Belgian chocolate. Try Tonys Chocolate now!
This Tony’s Chocolonely bar dark chocolate contains 70% cocoa. “Voor de zomaar’ means something like ‘Just because..”. Nice to use as a gift, you can eat the rest yourself. Order now!

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