Twix Top Biscuit Bars | Twix Top | Pack of 20 | Twix Top Bars | Twix Top Cookies | 14 Oz | 420 Gr


Twix is a chocolate bar made comprising of a biscuit applied with other ice cream parlor fixings and coatings; most as often as possible caramel and milk chocolate. Twix chocolate is freshly tasty treat, delightfully chewy caramel and easily smooth chocolate. Furthermore, chocolate Twix is delightfully smooth chocolate, crunchy scrumptious treat and delectably rich caramel. Trust your taste buds and your instincts to choose an authentic White Twix Candy experience. All you have to do is pick a side. Try out chocolate Twix now! Add delicious chocolate fun to your office break room with Twix chocolate! Buy today! These Twix top biscuit bars are simply irresistable. Order these Twix top bars now!

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