Caffè Vergnano | Italian Coffee | Caffè Vergnano 1882, Espresso Beans | Coffee Espresso | 35.27 Ounce Total Weight


Caffè Vergnano is a famous Italian coffee company that represented considerable authority in the creation of espresso established in 1882 in Chieri. Cafe Vergnano is viewed as the most seasoned public espresso maker among the enormous roasters. The organization was established in 1882 by Domenico Vergnano. He began with his little shop in Chieri, a town on the Turin hills. The business grew rapidly, and the initial three Italian stockrooms were opened in Turin, Alba, and Chieri. The genuine jump, be that as it may, came during the 1930s when the organization purchased an espresso ranch in Kenya. Soft and delicately aromatic, Espresso Bar is a Nespresso Coffee that has the sweet taste of Central American Arabica and the intense chocolate aroma. The Coffee Espresso grains collected one by one from the plant come from small, selected Central American plantations, guaranteeing a very high-quality harvest. Coffee Espresso is a blend designed to obtain a balanced aroma for those who love fragrant, full-bodied, and intense coffee. This special package guarantees the perfect preservation of the aroma and freshness of freshly roasted coffee.

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