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Kimbo Espresso | Kimbo Gold | Kimbo, Gold 100% Arabica 250 G | Kimbo | 8.81 Ounce Total Weight


“Kimbo S. P. A is an Italian family-owned company founded n Napoli in 1963 by Rubino’s brothers.
After the second world war, the Rubino’s brothers joined their father in the managing of their family coffee bar in Naples,
The fame of their espresso quickly spread beyond the neighborhood.
They had the idea to bring the pleasure of Neapolitan coffee to every bar and home in the world.
KIMBO’S today mission is still to spread Italian coffee all over the world, creating a high-quality product.
Kimbo’s coffee is realized with the most advanced technologies, respecting people and the environment.
Kimbo wants to set itself as the coffee industry’s reference point.
Each Kimbo coffee has got an authentic essence and releases an intense aroma. This is what makes the taste of Kimbo unmistakable and famous.
Everyone loves a cup of coffee in the morning! Are you a coffee lover, too? All right, Kimbo Espresso is waiting for you! The real Italian coffee blend is already roasted, perfect to use if you have a Moka pot and you want to make a good cup of coffee.
Kimbo 100% gold s an extraordinary mix, made with coffee beans of Arabica quality, which came from Middle-South America.
The roasting process enhances the delicate taste and smooth aroma of Kimbo coffee with light chocolate notes.”

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Kimbo Espresso | Kimbo Gold | Kimbo, Gold 100% Arabica 250 G | Kimbo | 8.81 Ounce Total Weight

Out of stock