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“Luigi Lavazza is an Italian coffee roaster that is based in Turin. Established in 1895, Luigi Lavazza started his business as a coffee roaster and retailer. Nowadays, the company is famous for being one of the leading espresso suppliers in the world. It is a family business, which is being run by the fourth generation of the family. The company’s turnover in 2014 was around 1.34 billion Euros.
With a major export and local distribution operation, SpA also has a number of its own coffee houses operational in several major Italian cities. With its iconic taste and aroma, Lavazza coffee is a favorite of coffee enthusiasts all over the world.
The Lavazza crema E Gusto is a soft but intense lend of fine Brazilin Arabica and South East Asian Robusta coffee that bursts with flavor and aroma. This Lavazza ground coffee will provide you the perfect balance between spicy and rich notes. The Lavazza coffee ground will give you that rich crema layer that you have been looking for all along. So what are you waiting for? Buy one now and feel the bliss of freshly roasted coffee now! “

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