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These Italian Almond biscuits are made in Siena by Sapori di Siena, a famous Italian producer of cakes and biscuits since 1832 and Italy’s favorite brand of cantuccini. from Tuscany, crunchy twofold baked Italian biscotti with lumps of almonds. These Itallian cookies are ideal for dunking in espresso coffee, drinking chocolate, or a glass of Vin Santo or to go with a bowl of ice cream. A shower of almond nuggets meets fresh Tuscan milk and honey, fresh barn eggs and sugar to create a sensual delight with these Italian cookies. Prepared with 45% almonds for an irresistible taste. Order these Italian Almond Cookies today to feel the difference in your taste buds! They are soft and delicate almond biscuits from Italy. Every bite of Sapori Amaretti Morbidi melts in your mouth with the intense taste of almond nuts. The flavour is because the Itallian cookies come from a combination of specially selected ingredients and a carefully controlled baking process that helps preserve the integrity of the grain. Buy these Italian Almond cookies now!

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