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“A Dutch Company, Bolletje BV is specialised to produce various varieties of bakery products including bread ubstitues and bakery products. The organization was taken over by the German Borggreve from Neuenhaus. The price tag was not uncovered. Basically nothing changed for the representatives of the organization and buyers would not see a large part of the takeover. The turnover of the two organizations added up to around € 200 million and they had roughly 800 workers. Borggreve is situated in Neuenhaus and produces rusk just as rolls. In Almelo, rusk and different kinds of bread substitutes, for example, rye bread are created. Bolletje likewise has a branch in Heerde, where, in addition to other things, crispbread is created.

Since mid-2000, Bolletje has additionally claimed Jaffa Amsterdam, where different kinds of bread substitutes are created, for the two stores and cooking. Some portion of the creation is traded. Fare chiefly happens to nations where numerous Dutch migrants live, for example, Australia , Canada , New Zealand and the United States of America . Scoop of Chonelly is a delicious and rich Milk Chocolate biscuits covered in smooth milk chocolate. The good food starts with the best quality ingredients. Being combined with knowledge, passion and imagination, we introduce to you Passion for food. It has made into UTZ Certified Cocoa – Sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families, and our planet.”

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