Milka Chocolate Bars | Milka Chocawafer | Pack of 30 Milka Wafers chocolate | Chocolate Milka | Milka Cookies | 31 Oz | 900 Gr


Milka cookies are cookies with delcious Milka chocolate. The Milka brand was founded in Switzerland more than a century ago. Milka chocolate has a soft and creamy flavor. Nowadays a lot of Milka products are available: its chocolate is loved far beyond Switzerland, but Milka cookies are also loved. These Milka wafers chocolate are irresistable. Three different layers of waffles with fine cocoa cream and enveloped with a soft and generous layer of Milka alpine milk chocolate. Great to spoil or distribute yourself. 6 waffles are in one package. The Milka Choco wafers are packed individually. There are 30 bars à 30 grams in a box.

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