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Eat Natural is a famous British brand known to be among the top producers of cereal bars. It is estimated that the company was producing anywhere between 70,000 to 100,000 bars per day in 2005. This number is said to have increased considerably by now. The brand started out in Epping, Essex, in 1997 by two founders Praveen Vijh and Preet Grewal.

Over the past years, Eat Natural has grown into a multinational company by exporting its bars in more than 37 countries worldwide. According to estimates, they currently produce more than 100 million bars every year in their ‘Makery’ in Halstead, Essex.

The company currently produces 22 bars and 8 different cereal types. According to Praveen Vijh, Eat Natural’s philosophy of success is simple; it is all about bringing the best ingredients together and treating them in a way that they deliver the best possible eating experience.

Eat Natural offers classic fruit and nut bars for a healthy and energy-packed getaway for children and adults alike. Order the fruits and nuts filled Eat Natural bars now and welcome healthy eating habits. The Eat Natural Almond and apricot bar comes with a layer of yogurt to make for an enjoyable eating experience. It uses traditional and vegetarian products to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Order the Eat Natural bars now for lost lasting energy.

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