Italian Bread | Mulino Bianco | Mulino Bianco Pan Carre Bread | Italian Bread Bakery | 15.16 Ounce Total Weight


Mulino Bianco is an Italian firm, famous around the world for its pastry kitchen items that produces bites and treats who belongs to the famous Italian company Barilla. Established in 1974 under the coordination of Giovanni Maestri, the Mulino Bianco brand was made to recognize Barilla’s pastry shop creation, generally connected to pasta, italian biscuits, italian cookies, and many other delicacies. Mulino Bianco Pan Carre is Italian bread with sunflower oil. Mulino Bianco offers traditional slicedbread, prepared with a simple recipe. When this Italian bread bakery is heated, it becomes perfect for fragrant toast or as a simple spread base. Buy the Mulino Bianco which is suitable for both sweet and savory combinations!

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