Kinder Bar | Kinder Milk Chocolate | Kinder Cereal Cookies with Chocolate Drops | Kinder Chocolate Bar | 7.19 Ounce Total Weight


To begin the day on the correct foot you need inspiration and energy, which is the reason Kinder chose to go with breakfast with an outright curiosity: Kinder CereAlé Biscuits-the kinder chocolate bar, the primary Kinder bar grain biscuits, accessible in two variations: hazelnut and dim Kinder milk chocolate for a straightforward breakfast yet shockingly wealthy in taste. Kinder Chocolate Bar has an intense chocolate taste, with dominant chocolate chips, yet has sufficient sweetness to appeal to a broad audience. It also has the perfect texture to create happiness, providing with a crunchy semi-solid bite that immediately melts in the mouth. Also makes for a perfect base to make your homemade delites combining intense taste with a smooth texture.

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