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Matilde Vicenzi Cookies delivered since the last part of the 1980s they were initially possessed by Parmalat , yet following the chapter 11 of the last in 2003, the brand was procured by Vicenzi in 2005. Generally, grisbì are round-molded bread rolls, loaded up with hazelnut , cocoa , coconut or lemon cream , or little wafers filled in two compartments called tuà , yet there are likewise less well known forms or forms expected for the unfamiliar market with cherry , cappuccino and citrus filling . Throughout the long term, different variations of the exemplary Italian Pastry grisbì have been delivered, for example, wafers or rolls loaded up with jam . GRISBI by Matilde Vicenzi – From the rich Italian Pastry tradition, the famous shortbread treats filled with with soft hazelnut cream. Grisbi Cookies are known for the Pleasure of Pleasures.

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