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“Loacker is an Italian confectionery industry based in Alto Adige, which produces wafers, chocolate, and other sorts of pastries.
The company was founded in 1925 by Alfons Loacker.
From just a small patisserie in the center of Bolzano, the business grew more and more every day.
Alfons Loacker created the amazing product “cialda di Bolzano”: as inviting as fresh pastries, it had the advantage of being more practical and storable.
Mr. Loacker’s savoir-faire and the quality of the ingredients he chose, won everyone’s hearts and led him to success.
And today, after three-generation, the values that Loacker observes, as the love for the “Good things done well””, are the same that led Alfons Loacker in the beginning.
Loacker’s products – especially wafers and chocolates – are exported in almost every country in the world.
Do you like dark chocolate? Dark Chocolate Loakers Wafers are perfect for your break!
These Italian Wafer cookies consist of two crispy wafers filled with a layer of delicious extra dark chocolate cream.
Loacker chooses the best ingredients to create high-quality products. Don’t miss the chance to bite Loacker chocolate wafers!”

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